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Working in Australia

Australia is a country rich with natural resources, a high standard of living and a safe reputation, English as its national language, and a stable political system, which together makes up this `Lucky Country`. Currently, there is a lack of engineers in the resource producing regions of Western Australia and Queensland, and those with an engineering background are in high demand. There are many employment fields that Australians cannot compensate for such as doctors, nurses, chefs, auto mechanics, air conditioning mechanics, and installation technicians. Of course English skills are essential, however Australia is a country where the worker`s position is strong, and work conditions are favourable.

Working in Asia

According to the Chamber of Commerce, as of October 2011 there were 734 registered Japanese companies, and about 3000 unregistered Japanese companies in Singapore. Not only Japanese companies, but most foreign companies also set up administrative divisions for neighbouring countries in Singapore, and as a result, the office space is even greater than that of the Australian office.


The increasing population and income in Vietnam can be seen as a great business opportunity, where food and textiles of Japanese and Korean companies are advancing with a focus on infrastructure-related and manufacturing companies.
Since the war ended in 1975, the generation who were born in Vietnam, and those under 30 has accounted for 60% of the population. The national character of Vietnam is said to be similar to the Japanese, and it is estimated that advancing business will continue to grow through the expectation of the young labour force and national character.


In Malaysia, not only Japanese companies, but also the expansive investment of American electrical and electronic companies have been the focus with foreign investments rising by around 30%. Because of this, Malaysia has been pushed into the spotlight as a destination for investment. As a former colony of England, English has been established as the national language. On top of this, in the capital Kuala Lumpur, the Japanese service industry is advancing, making Malaysia a very comfortable country second only to Singapore.


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