Job Seekers

We provide advice for job seekers through counseling and understanding what you want.

Our support system

Steps for job recruitment

  • Register with Career Designer, and conduct career counseling or English skills test.
    (Those who already have an IELTS or TOEIC score can skip the test depending on their results)
    (We introduce language schools for those whose test results are not up to the standard of business level English)
  • We will inform you of new updated employer information by email, or directly contacting you by phone.
    If a desired position is available, please send your resume in English and Japanese.
    (Applicant screening)
  • If you pass the applicant screening process, there will be a primary interview.
    (Those wishing to work in Asia will have an interview over Skype)
  • If the employer requests a final interview, the interview time will be set up.
    Those wishing to work in Asia must conduct the interview in the country of the employer.


Contact for recruitment can be made through Career Designer and the business partner’s recruitment company.

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