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Career Designer is a Japanese-affiliated recruitment company, focusing on expanding businesses within Australia. Depending on the demands of the company, we aim to bridge the gap between employer and applicant, and introduce not only Japanese applicants, but also applicants from a variety of nationalities.


Characteristics of Career Designer

In Australia there is a shortage of skilled engineers and workers, becoming a serious problem for businesses and managers where local residents simply cannot fill the positions. To solve this problem, coordinators with an abundance of experience at Career Designer grasp the needs of clients (recruitment companies), finding the perfect person to fill a position, taking the load off businesses and managers.

Many Japanese-affiliated companies who set up branches in Australia or Asia are actively looking for Japanese people with a sense of internationalism, making the securing of skilled workers a large task. At Career Designer, we maximize the appeal of people that cannot be seen simply on a resume, and introduce their past careers and achievements, as well as future career plans. We earn companies’ trust through counseling and follow-ups.

As well as putting all our effort into personnel training, we strive to train people who can work in Australia or Asia with a fighting strength, through language advancement, qualification acquisition counseling, and interview and resume writing guidance.


  • Support and information for those seeking work in Australia
  • Working visa application agents
  • Aptitude tests and skill development
  • Counseling regarding careers

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