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Our mission

Here at MIRAKURU PTY. LTD., regardless of race, gender or age, we aim to develop society and bring happiness to people by creating a prosperous future through the business activities we carry out.

Creating employment and personnel training.

Our mission is to maximize the brilliance, individuality and growth of each person through our business, while creating working people for the next generation.

We have the courage to challenge the changing times without fear of failure.

We will continue as a company that helps create a future for the minority, and capture the ever-changing flow of the world and the needs of our clients.

Sharing dreams and happiness.

We aim to create a company that supports the fulfillment of the future with hard work and happiness, to share the dreams and hopes of all the people involved in our company.

Message from the Managing Director

Mamiko Ellen
Managing Director

Thank you for visiting the Career Designer website.

The name of our company, MIRAKURU, comes from the Japanese words ‘Mira’ (the future) and ‘Kuru’ (to come). We believe that through business our company has a bright future to come.

Career Designer focuses on the growth of individuals and supports future planning through recruitment, overseas job support, and employment education. We consider these, as well as visas to stay in Australia, an essential part of our business, and we aim to be the best for support in Australia.

The world is changing rapidly, and companies introduce a globalised recruitment program with increasing movement to recruit candidates that go beyond borders. Right now, the world is experiencing increasing unemployment rates due to global economic troubles. In these circumstances, we are changing to cross international borders while keeping stable career lifestyles. As mentioned in the mission statement, we support your future regardless of nationality, gender or age, and we want to act as a bridge between applicants searching for jobs, and companies searching for suitable candidates.

Adapting to a changing economic and social market, we will continue to provide professionalism and contribute to personnel education for the next generation.

We hope to see this website keeps us connected with everyone, and together with the opportunity for further understanding of MIRAKURU PTY. LTD., we look forward to your continuing support.

Mamiko Ellen
Managing Director

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